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Had my VW Golf GTI in today to have remap and new exhaust fitted. Exceptional service from start to finish really happy with the car and service i received from the guys down at Blue Flash Tuning. Would happily recommend these guys to anyone who wanted to improve the power of there car. Top quality!!!!Had my VW Golf GTI in today to have remap and new exhaust fitted. Exceptional service from start to finish really happy with the car and service i received from the guys down at Blue Flash Tuning. Would happily recommend these guys to anyone who wanted to improve the power of there car. Top quality!!!!
James Worrell

I’ve just had my 2007 3.0l TDI AUDI A6 remapped by Blue Flash Tuning Ltd and can highly recommend the service. Apart from the improved fuel economy (38 to 42 average mpg; long motorway run an impressive 47 mpg) the engine responsiveness and smoothness has also gone up a several notches. If you are thinking of a remap this is the one to go for, a thoroughly professional service and an excellent investment.
Dr. Gerry Dawson - Wilgate Green, Kent.

I would like to place on record my sincere appreciation of the work carried out on my Jaguar DVTi by Karl Weaver of Blue Flash Tuning. My car was somewhat unique and Karl did a great deal of research before installing a bespoke tune. He was very sympathetic to my requirements for the car. The car now performs much better in acceleration, top speed and smoothness of running. I have also achieved a 20% + increase in economy. From 35 to over 45 mpg.

Karl (Blue Flash) offer and deliver a professional, friendly and thoughtful approach to ECU remapping. I would certainly use the company on any of my future cars and have recommended it to family and friends.
Terry Tanner - Nonington, Kent

Had my girlfriends car remapped, and she couldn't be happier with the results. But what impressed me was how helpful Karl was. There was an issue with the car, which he diagnosed while waiting for the map to download, out of the kindness of his heart. And even when there was another issue with the car on xmas eve, he was willing to have a look at it. I have no hesitation in recommending blue flash tuning to anyone. Brilliant!
Stephen Pain

Had my Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 diesel remapped by Karl a few weeks ago now. The service provided was excellent and the process was fully explained in detail and the tea provided while we waited for it all to be downloaded was very welcome. The improved throttle response was immediately noticeable on the joint test drive. The extra performance as made a huge difference in the driving experience. The average fuel consumption is up from around 22-24mpg to 25-26 but the cruising consumption is up to 32+ up from an average 26mpg. I've even recorded 43mpg at a steady 56mph over a few miles, although I doubt I'll reach this again. Overall I'm extremely happy with the results and the service provided by Karl and highly recommend them. I'm actually thinking of having the wife's diesel Seat done soon.
Chris Willbourne

I would just like to say that I took my BMW x5 into one of your approved installers "Karl @ Blue Flash Tuning" in Faversham Kent. After each option being explained to me in depth I decided to go for the performance map and I am more than happy with the results and shall be booking my work van in the very near future. I shall be recommending your product and Blue flash Tuning as I think the service was exceptional as is the product.
Via Viezu HQ

Car was exactly as you said it would be. Made a very good drive alot smoother much better around town and although only an extra 25 bhp the extra poke was very noticeable and made me smile. And on another note because of the issues with me van I drove the beemer to london for a week and got 400 miles to a tank on normal driving which was better then before by at least 50 miles.
David Larkey

I took my motorhome to Carl at BlueFlash for a remap yesterday(30/03/2015). The whole process was explained to me as we went along. Karl is friendly & very efficient-even made me a mug of tea! The improvement in drivability is brilliant. I would recommend BlueFlash to anyone.
Bruce Riddell, Whitstable.

I would like to thank Karl for re-tweaking, as I really feel I have a new car which is more responsive than ever before and a pleasure to drive. Not bad for an old estate which has already done over 100,000 miles. Perhaps I could do with a bit of re-tweaking myself? Many thanks for a job well done.
Dr Paul Moskovits

I got Karl to remap my C250 Merc and its turned out better than I'd hoped, Karl was very helpful and explained the whole process, i would highly recommend Blue Flash Tuning and remapping and will be using him again! Thanks Karl.
Peter Goddard

Right. firstly I haven't been paid to say this, and am not a relative in any way, shape or form! Lol I decided to book my Skoda Fabia 1.9Tdi in with Karl for a re-map as the lack of speed was driving me to distraction. After the initial road test and diagnostic Karl rang me to let me know that there was a problem with my car and that he suspected that the MAF sensor had gone and that's what had resulted in the poor speed capabilities of the car. Karl advised that this was replaced, which I agreed too! Anyway this has resulted in me having what feels like a brand new car without the re-map having had to be done! I have to thank Karl for his honesty resolving the problem with my car as it would have been all to easy to have re-mapped it and taken my money. It's not often you deal with a person and company that is so honest, even when it's to the financial detriment of themselves. Even if I don't go back for a re-map I can and would highly recommend Karl and Blue Flash Tunning to everyone and anyone! Fabulous service!
Dominique Rogers

Very impressed with Karl owner of Blue Flash Tuning, his remapping of my little Abarth has transformed it into a proper Abarth now, and as he stated I did return with a big smile on my face. Thanks again.
Antonio DiStefano

I did a week of on on-line research about the various remapping options first, (external boxes, new chips etc). I then decided to take my 2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 to Blue Flash Tuning. Karl was great and explained all the various options available and showed me every stage of the re-mapping process and checked out various bits under my bonnet! The Disco was driving perfectly fine anyway, but now with the Performance Tune, it now feels more torquey and sounds even smoother.Pulling at low revs, it's more like a car than a posh van! I highly recommend getting the re-map to any Land Rover owner, as you will be getting the money back in fuel efficiency, whilst having fun driving it.
Mick Etherton, Canterbury