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Blue Flash Tuning

-Up to 20% improved fuel economy

-Improved MPG - Reduced emissions (subject to Vehicle type)

-Enhanced sharper throttle response

-Smoother more progressive power delivery

-Power and Torque improvements

-No Impact on Insurance - In most cases

-Fleet packages available

It’s often a misconception that tuning or remapping is all about increasing performance.

Particularly with the modern diesel engine this simply isn’t the case. There are potentially great savings to be made by economy tuning and it doesn’t mean a reduction in performance. In most cases people report improvements in performance and drive-ability as well as greater mpg.

Blue is the new Green when it comes to vehicle economy and emissions. Manufactures are now offering certain models that offer greater fuel efficiency such as Volkswagen Blue Motion™ and Mercedes Blue Efficiency™. These are vehicles that are programmed with improved mapping at the factory for a premium price.

All manufacturers have to limit the power and mpg of their vehicles in order to adhere to the many different markets they face. From simple things such as differing fuel grades around the world to issues with marketing and affordability. So your vehicle will always underperform both for power and for fuel efficiency. Our fuel economy tuning releases your vehicles true potential for both Fuel economy and C02 reduction.

We simplify the whole issue with an expertly optimized economy tune on your vehicle, delivering the optimum economy for the vehicle and providing a delightful increase to the power at the same time.

The most important benefit you will see is the significant fuel cost savings from our fuel economy tuning. And it doesn't matter whatever the price of fuel is once your vehicle is properly tuned the more you drive with an Economy Tune, the more you SAVE!

At Blue Flash Tuning, we do our best to tailor our tuning to suite the customer’s needs. If you want the best of both worlds why not a try a Blue Flash Blend Tune? This is a balanced combination of a performance and economy tune and can have very satisfying results. Contact Us to find out more.

All Blue Flash Tuning products and software come with a 14 day money-back guarantee and we are fully insures. You can trust Blue Flash Tuning with total confidence.

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