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Blue Flash Tuning are specialists in diagnostics and offer it at an advanced level. We have over 20 years’ experience and have invested in a substantial range of professional equipment and training giving us the ability to diagnose and rectify faults on most systems on nearly all cars and light commercial vehicles. We have good relationships with several other independent workshops and technicians who bring us the jobs that have them beat.

Our equipment range includes 2 high quality full diagnostic platforms giving us a vast vehicle coverage, several dealer level tools allowing us to program and configure new control units and carry out most of the functions normally only a franchised dealer could do, 3 oscilloscopes for testing many types of sensors and circuits, a test bench for certain actuator testing and analysis, leak detection equipment for finding even the smallest air and vacuum leaks and several custom built platforms that aid us in our work.

Diagnostics is nearly impossible to quote for. Our experience has taught us that honesty and communication with the customer is very vital. After gathering as much information about the fault or symptom from the customer as possible we carefully plan a diagnostic route and keep the customer fully informed all of the way so there are never any nasty surprises. We thrive on keeping our customers happy and receiving new customers via recommendation by word of mouth.

In cases like a damaged or faulty wiring harness, a faulty computer or component, often we can test/repair these at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

If diagnosis is carried out correctly by an experienced and competent technician, there should never be any need for trial and error. This is not a cost effective way to fault find. Rest assured we have the equipment, knowledge, access to data and skill set required to deal with most vehicles.

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